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HeART of HealthCARE


“None of us can change what has happened; but through our collective voice, we can change what will happen.” – PFPSC Member
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Is Membership Right for You?

PFPSC interviews all applicants to make sure that they are interested in and ready to work with those in the health system to improve patient safety. Before you apply, here are a few things to know:

  • Our members have already gone through much of their healing and are interested in being effective partners in improving safety. We are not a support group. However, we do support each other in using our lived experiences to advance safer care for everyone.
  • We do not advise or advocate for those who have made complaints or brought lawsuits forward regarding their harmful experience. We do not automatically decline applicants who are or have been involved in lawsuits or the complaints process. However, our focus is partnering with care providers, managers and leaders which is not effective when the approach is adversarial or confrontational.
  • We use language that remove barriers to partner with healthcare providers and organizations. We avoid terms like “negligence” and “incompetence,” and we do not assign blame to individual practitioners, hospitals, nursing homes, regulatory bodies, or governments.
  • We treat one another and our partners with great courtesy and respect. We handle disagreements respectfully, without anger or personal attacks.

Ultimately, PFPSC is right for you if you are a team player who shares our vision: Every patient safe.

Membership Criteria

Completed applications will be reviewed by the Membership Group of PFPSC to ensure that individuals seeking membership meet the following criteria:

  • Have direct experience with an adverse event or harm as a patient, family member or friend;
  • Support the PFPSC Vision, Mission and Goals.
  • Commit to building positive trusting relationships and to work in partnership with fellow PFPSC members and partner organizations.
  • Be active participants on committees.
  • Be responsive to calls for input and information.
  • Be willing to work in partnership with governments, policy makers, healthcare organizations, healthcare providers to improve patient safety.

Members of PFPSC have many opportunities to partner positively with those who are working to improve the safety of Canada’s healthcare. The success of influencing improvements depends on members’ active participation in the many requests we receive each year. Support for members to contribute from their lived experience and present the patient perspective comes from within PFPSC as seasoned members mentor and guide new members. We also provide resources, expertise and support to help members develop greater skill and effectiveness in advocating for safer healthcare. Members develop a deeper understanding of the current state of patient safety in Canada and around the world. Drawing from our stories and experiences inspires change to prevent harm.

How to Apply for Membership

If membership is right for you, please email to apply. One of our team members will email you a short form to complete; after you return it, we will schedule a phone call with two of our experienced members to discuss if membership is a good fit.


Get in touch to start making a difference today.

“In honor of those who have died, those left disabled, our loved ones today and the world’s children yet to be born, we will strive for excellence, so that all involved in healthcare are as safe as possible as soon as possible.”
Patients for Patient Safety Canada

Patients for Patient Safety Canada honours the traditional territories upon which our volunteers and partners live, work and play. We recognize that we are still learning how to respectfully support reconciliation efforts and develop meaningful relationships and partnerships with First Nations, Inuit and Métis governments, organizations and communities.

We strive to enhance the capacity of the health system to meet the needs of all Canadians including First Nations, Inuit and Métis.

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© Patients for Patient Safety Canada.
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